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Can I really Get Quality Affordable Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam?

Yes, and it is easier than ever. No person with a family should go without life insurance, and with rates for term life insurance at historical lows, there is no reason not to insure your families well being in the event of the unfortunate death of yourself or a loved one.

Term life insurance is without a doubt the most affordable life insurance option. Applying for term life insurance online is quick and easy. There are even a few providers of affordable term life insurance that offer instant approval if you qualify. An online application will take about 5 minutes, and you will know right away if you qualify. In some cases you can even print your policy documents right there off of the website. Forget about waiting weeks for approvals and to receive you life insurance policy.

Now not everyone does qualify for a no exam term life insurance policy. You do need to be in general good health, but even if you are taking medication you may qualify. While term life insurance rates are generally low and affordable, you should know that you will likely pay a little bit more for the benefit of a no exam policy, however most consumers find it is worth it.

Benefits of No Exam Life insurance include:

As with all things related to affordable medical insurance, even if you like the rate given you by a no exam life insurer online, make sure you check the companies rating. It can usually be found on their own website, or check with a rating firm like the AM Best Company. Also consider paying your premium annually if you can afford to, it will generally be cheaper than monthly payments for term life insurance.

No medical exam term life insurance policies are a great way to insure the security of your family. It is worth taking a few minutes to get an instant quote, and then of course you still get to decide if you want to purchase the coverage, there are few if any hassles and no sales pressure.