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If you own a small business especially in a highly competitive consulting field like IT, one of the keys to your success is in attracting and maintaining quality employees. And according to Human Resource experts one of the best ways to attract and keep good people is to offer good health coverage. But as a small business with perhaps a limited budget or cash flow issues you may think it is difficult to find affordable small group coverage that can keep you competitive. Currently more than half of the small businesses in the United States offer small group health insurance to their employees.

There are options for small businesses to find affordable small group health insurance, and the Web is an excellent resource to shop for coverage for yourself, current, and potential future employees. You can save a great deal of time and probably a lot of money by going to a website like www.insrancebudget.com to get a free quote on a small group health insurance plan. Sites like these have helped hundreds of small business acquire affordable small group health insurance for their employees. Depending on where you live the advantage of these sites is that they will offer you competitive quotes from several different companies all instantly at the click of a mouse. However since health insurance is regulated independently by every state, your options may be limited by the state in which you live. While small business owners in States like New York or California my literally have dozens of companies to choose from when searching for a free quote on affordable small group health insurance online, other States with a smaller population such as Rhode Island, may only have one or two. You can find out more about state regulations regarding small business health insurance and what qualifies as a small business in your area by going to your states website. If you already are providing small group health insurance for your employees you can use these online tools to check if you are indeed getting the best price in your area, and if not possibly reduce you monthly expenditure for health insurance - and as a small business owner you know every dollar saved in one area can go to support your business in other ways.

Even if you are self-employed or a sole proprietorship, in some states you qualify as a "group of one". And experts agree that it is important even for independent contractors to have small group health insurance. One, of course it protects the individual from major health expenses, and therefore protects the business from failing in the event of serious illness or injuries. But also, purchasing an affordable small group health policy even at the early stages of your business, will allow you to be poised for expansion and attract new employees when the time comes. You will also establish relationship with an insurance professional who can help you add to and expand your small group health insurance plan to grow with you as your business grows and your health insurance needs change.