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Comedian and ex Saturday Night Live co-star Molly Shannon is on tour reminding Americans that not having adequate life insurance coverage is no laughing matter.

September is Life Insurance Awareness month and Ms. Shannon has been chosen as the national spokesperson by the campaigns coordinating organization LIFE, because of her own personal story.  Molly was only 4 when she lost her sister, a cousin and her young mother in an auto accident. Her father was hurt terribly in the crash, and could not work subsequent to it. Had her mother had life insurance the financial burdens that were added to the horrible tragedy could have been alleviated. Molly’s story particularly points out the need for both parents in families with young children to have life insurance protection. Many families will only consider life insurance for the main income earner in the family. Complete health insurance protection requires coverage of both spouses. The loss of a spouse means the loss of an income and often a caregiver, the surviving spouse needs the life insurance protection to provide necessary child care.

Ms Shannon said the tragic accident changed their lives forever. In the blink of an eye her father had become the single disabled parent of two children. Molly remembers well the struggles and sacrifices her dad had to make throughout her young life. Says Molly, no one expects these kind of horrific consequences, but you must be prepared for them.

Now married with two small kids of her own, Molly considers her life insurance policy peace of mind. She is secure in the knowledge that her kids will be provided for, if anything should happen to her. It is a message she feels is her duty to get out to all Americans, and why she is proud to be part of the Life Insurance Awareness campaign.

Ms Shannon will be telling her story in public service announcements, TV and radio appearances, and magazine and newspaper interviews throughout the month of September. A personal videotaped greeting from Molly about the importance of Life Insurance can be screened at LIFE’s website, www.lifehappens.org.

The president of LIFE said while tragic, Ms. Shannon’s story is the perfect illustration of the importance of life insurance, especially to families with children. No family should ever have to go through the strain of financial difficulties added to the deep emotional pain that comes with the death of a spouse or parent, he said. And yet millions of Americans die every year without life insurance. He ads that rates for term life insurance are at an all time low.

Some of the top life and health insurance companies in the nation are participating along with LIFE and Ms. Shannon in the campaign including; State Farm, New York Life, AXA, John Hancock, Nationwide, and Prudential.